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Our mission is simple

We seek to restore confidence in the Los Angeles County probate court system so that we can all do a better job as the advocates for, and protectors of, persons facing conservatorship. 

As a charitable entity, Bettys’ Hope aims to ensure that every person facing, or in conservatorships is represented by an attorney who is trained, supervised, and held accountable for their misfeasance, or even malfeasance, as the case may be.

Presently, there is no agency, person, or entity at all to report concerns about the competence and efficacy of “Court Appointed Counsel.” There is nominal training and absolutely no supervision of ‘court-appointed counsel.” In fact, in Los Angeles County, the judges depend on “reports” by these lawyers to inform them and. Instruct them as to what to do.

Bettys’ Hope’s mission begins with creating a transformative mentoring program, and ensuring in-depth training for legal professionals representing persons facing or in a conservatorship.

We strive to reform the probate courts throughout California by:


A comprehensive curriculum for attorneys who seek to represent incapacitated adults and adults with developmental disabilities in conservatorship proceedings


A system of supervision and accountability for those attorneys


The toxic co-dependence between Judges and “Court Appointed Counsel”


Compliance of the California probate code by all judicial officers and counsel appearing in conservatorship hearings.