Our mission is simple

We seek to restore confidence in the Los Angeles County probate court system so that we can all do a better job as the advocates for, and protectors of, persons facing conservatorship. 

Bettys’ Hope is a new charity which was established to reform the probate court:

1. To create a meaningful and genuine curriculum for attorneys who seek to be ‘court appointed counsel’ for adults facing conservatorship.  Nevada has done this already.  Barbara Buckley, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Southern Nevada, could be a consultant along with her team of lawyers who have an interest in sharing their platform.  Loyola Law School, UCLA and USC have already begun to explore “disability and the law” in a meaningful way. 

2. In Los Angeles County, to separate “judges” from the responsibility of choosing (or blacklisting) court appointed counsel by re-allocating the funds paid to private practice attorneys by Los Angeles County (over $1,500,000) to an entity that already provides low-cost or free legal services.  The money is better spent on an independent entity, Legal Aid or Public Interest Counsel, for a group of lawyers who are properly trained, supervised and accountable, and most of all, abide by the law.

We believe this will upgrade the entire system.  Judges will be required to only “call balls and strikes” and focus on their cases.  They will know that there is a team of COMPETENT, TRAINED, SUPERVISED and ACCOUNTABLE lawyers who can be relied upon to stay in their lane so the judges can stay in theirs. 

This charitable entity will strive to reform the probate courts throughout California by:


A comprehensive curriculum for attorneys who seek to represent incapacitated adults and adults with developmental disabilities in conservatorship proceedings


A system of supervision and accountability for those attorneys


The toxic co-dependence between Judges and “Court Appointed Counsel”


Compliance of the California probate code by all judicial officers and counsel appearing in conservatorship hearings.