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You and Your Family Are At Risk

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They can and do take your parents away. They can and do keep your children away. And once the process is in full swing, persons who have been adjudicated “incompetent” or “incapacitated” by the California probate courts are at risk for having their bank accounts drained by horrifically unwarranted legal fees and costs. As a probate attorney representing victims of the dysfunctional Southern California probate court system, I see these things happening every day and it keeps me up at night. As Rosamund Pike ** corrected pointed out in at the Golden Globe awards, our legal system is broken. But, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Back in early 2019, I was representing two teachers, Duff McGrath and LaVerne Roberts, whose families had been victimized by the Southern California probate courts. Both families were victims of the worst-case scenario involving older, incompetent women named “Betty.”