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Supporting Britney Spears

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What Can I Do to Help?


Britney Spears was caught in a toxic conservatorship because of a broken system. There is no magic fix, but there are ways to make things better. You just need to have hope, what I call Bettys’ Hope. 


If you live in California, please go to and write and/or call your Assemblymember and/or your State Senator. Let your California representative know that you want to separate judges and lawyers because of what happened to Britney Spears.


If you live in the United States, including California, please go to and/or and request a full Congressional Hearing on all issues pertaining to “guardianships and conservatorships”


This can be a little challenging because most federal legislators (Senators and Members of Congress) but if you are asked to pick a topic, try to get as close as possible to “Seniors” “Disability Rights” “Veterans” or even “Judicial Matters”


This is what I wrote to my federal representatives:


Thank you for serving as the US Senator for __________.


Britney Jean Spears has been caught in an unconstitutional, unlawful and abusive conservatorship for over 13 years.  She is NOT the only one.

The system of having judges appoint, train and pay their favorite attorneys has created a broken system of injustice.

Please consider convening a committee to investigate what is going wrong. The answer, I believe, will surprise you.  The root of the problem is incompetence and cronyism in the Courts.


Thank you for considering this important topic.


If you are able and interested in helping to fix the systemic flaws, please consider a donation to Bettys’ Hope.

Bettys’ Hope is a California 501(c)(3) charity that was established to provide a curriculum for training, supervising and holding attorneys’ accountable for their representation of persons facing or in Conservatorships in California. We are currently raising money for a short documentary about the unlawful and awful conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears and what can be done to make certain that what happened to Britney does not continue to happen to others.