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Expose The Horror Show

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Simmering below the headlines and interest of journalists and politicians, throughout the nation are numerous cases of trauma, exploitation and abuse being inflicted by our nation’s “probate” or “equity” courts upon families of every socio-economic status imaginable.  Doctors, judges, celebrities, an NFL player – you would not believe the roster of individuals who have been damaged by the probate courts throughout America.  In California alone: Judge Betty Lou Lamoreaux, Erik Kramer, Kasey Kasem, to name a few and too many non-celebrity families to list. 

A few years ago, documentarian Billie Mintz brought to light the misfeasance of one professional guardian: April Park of Las Vegas, Nevada.  His film, The Guardian, has become something of a “cult classic” for families who have suffered enormously due to our nation’s broken probate courts.  They don’t just suffer economically, stories of “family separation” due to epic incompetence of the probate courts have piled up on Facebook and other social media. I have been trying to assemble the collection on my website, Bettys’ Hope.  There is a link below. 

The Netflix series “Dirty Money” included an episode called “The Guardians” which featured the abuse of two seniors who have had professional guardians imposed upon them and their assets taken over by the courts.  This horror occurs routinely now.  This should be every Baby Boomer’s biggest fear because it is becoming increasingly common.  It’s a great way for my colleagues to make lots of money.

 Baby Boomers hit 80 in 2026.  Most of them have no idea how terribly they could be treated by the probate courts, as a demographic, if things do not drastically change within the next few years.  They may be isolated away from their families and their children who have developmental disabilities are especially at risk of being “kidnapped” away from their families.  Family separation by probate court edict is one of the most horrifying things you could ever imagine but happens ALL THE TIME! 

 This is very real, horribly destructive and is a threat to each and every American.  Even the law-abiding, even those of us with long history of loving families…once you are a target, you are done for.

The timing is right to expose the horror show.  I am just an attorney trying to make a difference in the world and the most unimportant person on earth, but I do not want to descend into the darkness of dementia knowing that my children could be subjected to the psychological and financial harm I see being inflicted by our local probate courts.