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Enough of the “it’s not our problem!” attitude

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To Our Dear Elected Representatives in California:

It should be abundantly clear to all elected officials in both the legislative and executive branches of our California government that there is a major dysfunction in the Judicial branch of our California government.  Our probate and mental health courts ARE broken. 

Everything from the chronic homelessness of persons with mental illness to the unwarranted imposition of a guardian ad litem over Bradford Lund, Walt Disney’s grandson, derives from a broken judicial system where there is no access to leadership nor a competent venue to complain. Judges overseeing judges overseeing judges. What could go wrong? 

In the absence of any meaningful oversight whatsoever, the judicial branch has become dangerously toxic and insulated from reproach. There are NO checks and balances on the judiciary.  Fix this now!

It is shocking that our elected officials continue to ignore the plethora of newspaper articles, the personal letters, the documentaries, even Netflix for crying out loud, and the numerous organizations that have been born out of the needless trauma, abuse and exploitation that people of all walks of life are experiencing at the behest of the probate and mental health courts here in California and throughout the nation. 

People are raging and angry about their experiences in probate courts because they are trying to prevent other people from suffering as they have. 


The probate courts are taking away their parents and children based on fraud and epic incompetence. Lives ruined, estates looted, and it’s no one’s problem per our elected officials. Are we to presume you knowingly write laws that judicial officers are free to ignore? 

The pleas for intervention that we know about constitute a remarkable amount of

evidence for our California governor, our county supervisors, our state senators, and our state assembly people to ignore. 

How did the Holocaust occur? How did the Armenian genocide occur? How does cruelty become normalized?

It starts with ‘LEADERS’ ignoring cries for help! It starts with family separation and all the trauma and debilitating scars that people carry with them for life as a result. It starts with taking away property and independence. 

And this is what is happening NOW in our California probate courts.  

Enough of this ‘not my problem’ attitude by the executive and legislative branches of our California government.  

Stop ignoring us. We are not going away.  There is too much at stake. 

Lisa MacCarley