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California, Meet Your Judicial Council

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On September 24, 2019, I spoke for 3 minutes before the Judicial Council of California. Unlike the magisterial ‘leaders’ before me, I paid my way to be there. I wanted to make certain that the persons ultimately responsible for the California Probate Courts were aware that there are, to say the very least, significant problems.

Here is a link to the website:

Here is a link to my written comments:

My little speech was not brilliant, and I stuttered out of nervousness. I would not blame anyone for saying that my topic was dreary and depressing. It is.

Still, I used a few choice words like these:

Probate courts can become complicit in abuse…

California probate courts are not functioning as they should be…’

‘The lack of competent oversight of the adjudicating courts has made exploitation of the vulnerable through conservatorship proceedings a lucrative business…’


The real-life trauma and miscarriage of justice that results from inappropriate advocacy affects every range of our economic spectrum.

Snore away, but these are pretty strong words to use in a room full of people who are SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE CALIFORNIA COURTS and who, by the way, have direct access to the probate court judges who make decisions about my income.

I wasn’t the only public commenter at the September 24, 2019 meeting.

Attorney Tom Coleman of the Spectrum Institute also spoke about the lack of ADA accommodations being offered to adults with disabilities within the California probate courts.

And two non-lawyers also took the time out of their lives to speak out about their qualms with the California Probate courts.

To date, not a single member of the Judicial Council of California has reached out to any of the four people who spoke at that meeting. Here was an opportunity to connect with two attorneys who are actively engaged with the courts and find easy, low-cost, and superior ways to assist adults facing conservatorship.

It would take hours to watch the video of the meeting itself, so please look for the ‘Liason Reports’ and watch the one presented at the same meeting by San Diego Judge David Rubin on ‘Los Angeles County.’

I know I think differently than other people, but how impressed were you by Judge David Rubin’s 5 minute Liason Report? Tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars were expended in the visits he made from San Diego to Los Angeles counties; then there is the trip to Sacramento, the power-point, there were taxpayer dollars spent in the time it took a room full of ‘leaders’ to listen. As if the Judicial Council of California was going to now brainstorm about how to repair the crumbling down Stanley Mosk courthouse. As if any of them were remotely qualified to address the seismic dangers of an aging building.

Nope, they elected to ignore the plenary concerns of four citizens who have experienced the trauma and abuse that is now an epidemic in the California probate courts. They could have contacted any of us by mail, a call, a text, or even a tweet.

They did not.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s office can be reached at 916-445-2841. Please leave a message informing him that the Judicial Council of California has failed to follow up with Lisa MacCarley and Tom Coleman’s comments and suggestions of September 24, 2019, and this is unacceptable. After all, you got older as you read this post.