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Petition to Terminate Probate Conservatorship

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The document below is for education and informational purposes only and not to be deemed legal advise.

How You Can Help?

No one listening to Britney address the Court in June will forget the anger and hurt in her voice. 

Britney described her personal hell to us, a place that she experiences daily through the vices of a wrongful conservatorship. The trauma, the exploitation and the abuse that no person should ever have had to endure. And, because of this, I was angry too. 

I knew from the very beginning that this conservatorship was wrong. I knew that the probate court had failed Britney by forcing her to have an attorney of it’s choice and not hers.

In spite of my relentless efforts to alert our political representatives that something is very wrong, nothing happened.Nothing changes in the probate courts in spite of being described as the “unhappiest place on Earth.” 

The legal system is so toxic that not a single member of the judicial branch even tried to intervene when Britney described what had happened and what had happened to her.

 I do not understand what is going on within government’s leadership over in the judicial branch, but I absolutely understand what is going on in the probate court. And, the bottom line is:

-We need to separate judges and lawyers and money. 

– We must create an independent agency, parallel to the Public Defender’s office, to hire, train, supervise and hold “court appointed counsel” responsible for misfeasance and malfeasance.

I’m asking you to donate so that we can better protect the Constitutional rights and interests of persons who are facing or in conservatorships and guardianships. 

We absolutely can fix this with your help; we can better protect our most vulnerable members of society from injustice.

This money will be used to increase awareness of conservatorship and guardianship abuse.